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Product Parameters:
Name: Peephole Viewer
Mode: TK-M29T1

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Product main features, functions:

Electronic peephole viewer is a new kind of home security product. It is different from the traditional glass peephole. With the LCD screen set up inside your home to observe the visitors, it is safer and more beautiful. To set up the item on your door, no construction is needed and there is no damage to your door. Just use the electronic peephole viewer to replace your traditional glass one. It is also easy to install the electronic peephole viewer on the door without glass peephole on it. The electronic peephole viewer can totally replace the the traditional glass peephole.
◆Fashion appearance, ultra-thin design, perfectly melt into modern home life
◆Wide-angle, high definition, high brightness screen, very clear image of the visitor
◆Prevent from reverse peeping, protect your privacy
◆Strong night vision function, able to be used at night
◆Our new destruction alarm function
Advanced power management and energy-saving technology
Automatically take photos and restore the photos when the visitors ring the doorbell, easy to check the record and able to upload the photos to your computer
Internal 2G Micro-SD(TF) memory card
Main functions:
Model T1: 2.8 Inch Screen Ultra High Definition Electronic Peephole Viewer with Photographing
1) Display the visitor on the LCD screen
2)300 thousand pixels camera
3) Internal 2G Micro-SD(TF) memory card
4) Night vision
5) Photographing
6) Destruction alarm

Product Specifications:


        Shape, Parameter

Indoor Device

Shape size: L109×W96mm
LCD Screen size: 2.8"

Outdoor Device

Shape size: Φ54mm
Camera: 300 thousand pixels camera

Installation Dimensions

Door Thickness: 35mm105mm
Installation Hole Diameter: 18mm50mm