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Product Parameters:
Name: Peephole doorphone Viewer
Mode: TK-M28

Product Specification Packing list Others

Product main features, functions:

Electronic peephole viewer is a new kind of home security product. It is different from the traditional glass peephole. With the LCD screen set up inside your home to observe the visitors, it is safer and more beautiful. To set up the item on your door, no construction is needed and there is no damage to your door. Just use the electronic peephole viewer to replace your traditional glass one. It is also easy to install the electronic peephole viewer on the door without glass peephole on it. The electronic peephole viewer can totally replace the the traditional glass peephole.

Peephole door phone
1.3.5” color TFT display
2.Peephole barrel :12mm (large peephole barrel can be done) .
3.Fits any door 35-90mm
4.Sensor :300,000pixels
5.Press call button , red led light turn on ,door chime ring at indoor display .Press monitor button ,the display turn on .
6.Press monitor button to turn on the display to see outside anytime .
7.The display will turn on 8seconds ,then become back .
8.When adjust the melody ,the display which turn on can last 20seconds .
9.At the bottom of display ,left button is to adjust sound volume ,the right button is to adjust melody .
10.16pcs melody for option
11.Can press monitor button by 1500pcs at least per 3pcs AAA battery.
12.“Don’t disturb” function : When hold monitor button of display for seconds without loose ,then the screen turn off ,loose ;so the adjustment of “don’t disturb “ is finished . When in “don’t disturb “ function ,anyone press call button ,indoor display have no door chime sound . Cancel “don’t disturb function “: just hold monitor button for seconds until the screen turn on 
1.Peephole viewer
2.Base Flange
3.Peephole lens
4.11cm wire
5.Peephole Barrel

DIY Installation:
Step 1. Insert Peephole lens in the outside of the door
Step2. Insert Peephole barrel through base Flange and insert both into the hole on
the inside of the door .
Step3: Put 3pcs AA battery in peephole viewer , Connect the 4P cable with viewer ,then
fix it on base flange by inserting match hole .