Product Parameters:
Name: Digital outdoor unit for apartment
Mode: LSD-892D5I

Product Specification Packing list Others
Aluminum alloy case,anti
Capacity:up to 900 apartments(can be customized)
With ID card and password unlocking function
Keypad with blue backup light promises comfortable visual effect
Night vision allows shooting color image at night
Calling center unit or indoor unit
Video intercommunication with center unit or indoor unit
Installation method :surface mounted
Available indoor monitors :LSD-892R07CI,LSD-892R11CI,LSD-892R35CI,LSD-892R01CI
Wiring requirement:
Outdoor unit to signal allotment :5 wireRVV5x0.5mm²
Signal allotment to indoor unit :5 wire RVV5x0.5mm²
Lock connection :2 wire RVV2x0.2 mm²
Power supply connection :2 wire RVV2x0.2 mm²