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HK actress Shu Qi irked by online war

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Updated: 2012-03-27 20:03By Cao Yin (chinadaily.com.cn)


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Shu Qi, a famous actress in Hong Kong, has taken down her blog after being involved in an online war filled with sharp words and embarrassing photos.

The online war began about two weeks ago between Zhen Zidan (Donnie Yen) and Zhao Wenzhuo, two kungfu stars, over production of a new TV sitcom.

On March 20, Shu weighed in, saying on her micro blog that Zhen was very dedicated to his work, according to Hong Kong media.

In retaliation, fans of Zhao published nude photos of Shu from old movies, along with verbal attacks.

The actress, who has 10 million followers online, had to delete thousands of posts in one night and decided to quit the micro-blogging world altogether, according to the media.

Shu's agent said on Tuesday she is considering a lawsuit, according to a news portal, iFeng.com.

Her response has sparked a discussion online and also elicited sympathy from some other stars.

Yao Chen, another actress with a large online following, expressed her support for Shu on Monday and tried to persuade Shu not to quit her blog.

Currently, Shu's blog account shows "no posting", and the nude photos have been deleted.

Shu, 36, was born in Taiwan and started her acting career in Hong Kong in 1996. She acted in some B films when she was young, but more recently has appeared in critically acclaimed and commercially successful films.

Yu Guofu, a Beijing-based lawyer with the Sheng Feng Law Firm who specializes in online cases, told China Daily on Tuesday that netizens who attacked Shu and published nude photos of her have infringed on Shu's civil rights.

People who posted obscene photos may also have violated criminal laws, he said.

"Those netizens have destroyed a regular online order and they deserve to be punished," he said.

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