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This year Guangzhou is expected to price increases of 2% of electricity prices rising housing prices stabilize

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Xinhua yesterday (September) learned from the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, "Guangzhou City in 2007 White Paper on economic development" will be published and covers a wide range of both macroeconomic trends. there are people concerned about the "necessities" to both industrial and economic development pulse, sent to the public education, health care, environmental protection "assurance." Some journalists selected contents of the White Paper to our readers.

  物价:对医疗价格进行结构性调整Price : The price of medical structural adjustment

  2007年,广州经济将保持稳定较快发展,居民消费价格总水平也将基本保持平稳,预计上涨2%左右。In 2007, the Guangzhou Economic and will remain stable and rapid development, the overall consumer price level will remain stable, is expected to rise about 2%.

  据披露,广州2007年能源需求仍将大幅度增长,能源供求矛盾仍然突出,迫使能源价格上行,加上运输、天气等因素的制约,能源价格高位运行不可避免。It was revealed that the Guangzhou 2007 energy demand will continue to grow substantially, energy supply and demand contradictions are still prominent, rising energy prices force, transportation, weather and other factors, high energy prices is inevitable. 电力供给仍然偏紧,在煤炭价格进一步上涨的市场条件下,电价仍有可能上调。Electricity supply is still tight, in coal prices rise further market conditions, prices may still rise. 服务价格也有一定幅度的上涨。Prices have a certain level of expectations. 粮食价格将基本平稳。Basic food prices stable.

  对策:将积极稳妥地推进电价改革,以及制定和实施天然气终端销售价格,让更多居民用上天然气。Responses : will actively and steadily push forward the reform of electricity, and the formulation and implementation of natural gas terminal sales price, to allow more residents to use natural gas. 将对医疗服务价格进行结构性调整,提高部分技术劳务价格,降低大型检查设备检查项目价格。Will the price of medical services to carry out structural adjustments, improving some of its technical services prices, Reduce inspection equipment checks prices. 大力发展社区卫生服务,建立规范合理的教育收费制度。Vigorously develop community health services, establish a standard of reasonable education system.

  房地产:力推保障型中小型住房Real estate : Plans to protect small and medium-housing

  珠江新城、琶洲、金沙洲成房地产开发热点。Zhujiang New City, Pazhou, the 14% of real estate development hot spots. 广州西部重要通道的金沙洲,有着完善的交通体系,被定位为广佛都市圈的居住新城,将是广州未来颇具规模、现代化、自然特色和管理完善的生活居住区。Guangzhou western important channel of the 14, with improved transportation system, to be defined as living in the Metropolitan Guangfo Metro, Guangzhou will be the next large-scale, modern, natural features and good management of the area to live.

  广州房价上涨的压力仍较大。Guangzhou upward pressure on prices is still large. 其主要原因:一是受2006年宏观调控政策影响,造成大户型产品“稀缺”,导致大户型商品房“奇货可居”;二是大量小户型住房建成并推向市场要有一定时间;三是对过去已审批但未取得施工许可证的项目进行重新审查,凡不符合要求的,进行套型调整,更改规划,使部分项目延期开工,在一定程度上影响了2007年商品住房的后续供应。Its main reasons : first, because the 2006 macro-control policies, creating large sized products "scarce" the large sized housing "a rare commodity"; Second, many small dwellings built and the market have a certain time; three of the past have been approved but not obtain construction permits for the project to re-examine who do not meet the requirements. for units of adjustment, change, so that some of the projects delayed start. to some extent, affected the 2007 follow-up housing supply.

  对策:一是在城市总体规划、近期建设规划和住房建设规划的指导下,落实居住用地储备规划,加快近期居住用地的开发进度。Response : First, the overall urban planning, the recent construction planning and housing construction plan, under the guidance of the implementation of residential land reserves, the acceleration of the recent residential land development progress. 继续加大居住用地的储备和供应,尤其是政府保障住房供应。Continue to increase living space and the supply of reserves, in particular the government to protect the supply of housing.

  二是加强住房开发建设管理,调整住房供应结构。Second, the strengthening of the housing development and construction management, adjust the housing supply structure. 对近期建设的住房项目,依法组织完善控制性详细规划编制工作,明确规定住宅建筑套密度、住宅面积净密度两项强制性指标,并作为土地出让前置条件。The recent construction of the housing project, according to the law properly controlled detailed planning work, residential construction provides a clear set of density, the net density residential area two mandatory targets, and as the pre-conditions for the transfer of land. 优先保证中小户型、中低价位普通商品住房(含政府保障型住房)供应。Give priority to ensuring small and medium-sized, low-priced commodity housing (including government security-housing) supply.

  三是建立多层次、多渠道的住房供应体系,满足不同收入层次居民的住房需求。3 is a multi-level, multi-channel system for the supply of housing to meet residents of different income levels of housing demand. 首先,以政府为主导,限套型(全部在90平方米以下)、限房价、限销售对象,加快政府保障型住房建设;其次,政府通过“双限双竞”等措施对新建商品住房市场进行宏观调控,满足市场对中小户型、中低价位普通商品住房的需求;再次,以市场机制为主导,进一步规范其他商品住房建设,满足中等收入以上家庭的住房需求。First, a government-led, limited-sized (all 90 square meters), limit prices, limited sales targets, speeding up the security-housing construction; Secondly, the government adopted the "double Double King" and other measures to the new housing market macro-control, to satisfy the small and medium-sized market, ordinary Chinese low-cost housing needs; again, with the market-oriented mechanism, and further regulate other commodity housing construction, to satisfy middle-income families over the housing needs. 同时,进一步发展住房二级和三级市场。Meanwhile, further development of two and three housing market.

  四是滚动编制住房建设规划的年度实施计划,实施跟踪监管机制。Preparation is the rolling four housing construction planning of the annual implementation plan, tracking and monitoring mechanism.

  教育:严查乱收费Education : prosecute the unauthorized fees

  2007年广州要力争以100%的教育强区(县级市)、90%的教育强镇通过省教育强市的督导验收。In 2007 Guangzhou to strive to 100% of the Detao (county-level city), 90% of Penn education through the city's Education Steering acceptance. 大力发展职业教育。To vigorously develop vocational education. 研究设立广州市民办教育专项资金制度。Study Guangzhou special funds to private education system. 全面推进“教育e时代”工程,把广州教育全面导入信息化、数字化的轨道。Pushing ahead with the "era of e Education" project, Guangzhou into a comprehensive education information and digital track. 严格限制和规范代收费,坚决杜绝、查处一切不合理、不规范收费行为,继续推进规范收费示范区、校创建活动。Strictly limit and regulate the collection, and resolutely stop, investigate all unreasonable, irregular charges, continue to promote the fee demonstration areas, school-building activities.

  旅游:接待1亿多人次Tourism : hosting more than 100 million passengers

  2007年广州旅游业预期目标是:接待旅游者总人数10432.37万人次,同比增长4.82%;接待国内旅游者总人数2496.58万人次,同比增长4.95%.接待海外旅游者总人数628.70万人次,同比增长10%,其中外国人入境旅游人数254.38万人次,同比增长20%.旅游总收入804.71亿元,同比增长14%;旅游外汇收入32.21亿美元,同比增长19%.In 2007 Guangzhou tourism target : hosting the total number of tourists 104323700 000, year-on-year growth of 4.82%; the reception total number of domestic tourists 24965800 000, year-on-year growth of 4.95%. the reception total number of overseas tourists 6.287 million, an increase of 10%. foreigners tourist arrivals 2543800 000, year-on-year growth of 20%. total tourism income 80.471 billion yuan, an increase of 14%; Tourism income of 3.221 billion US dollars, an increase of 19%.

  要以亚运为契机,加强国内外旅游市场的促销,吸引更多的体育爱好者来广州观赛及观光旅游。To the Asian Games as an opportunity to strengthen domestic and international tourism market promotion, to attract more sports enthusiasts to view Guangzhou Competition and sightseeing. 要培训好一批外语能力较强的优秀志愿者及窗口旅游项目的从业人员,全面提升广州旅游人才的素质。To train a number of strong foreign language skills and outstanding volunteers window in the tourism industry, Guangzhou to raise the quality of tourism.

  环保:空气优良天数90%Environmental : Air quality days 90%

  2007年广州集中式饮用水源地水质达标率达到96%以上,城市水域功能区水质达标率达到100%,重点工业企业污染物排放稳定达标率达到100%以上;环境空气优良天数达到90%以上,机动车环保定期检测率和尾气达标率均超过80%,烟尘控制区覆盖率保持100%.In 2007 Guangzhou centralized source of drinking water quality standards to reach more than 96%. city water quality standards functional rate of 100%. key industrial pollution emissions standard rate of 100% or more; ambient air quality days over 90%, motor vehicles periodic environmental detection rate and the exhaust standard rate over 80% Dust control area coverage rate remained 100%.

  区域环境噪声和道路交通噪声分别控制在60分贝和70分贝以内;工业固体废物处置利用率、医疗废物无害化处置率和城市生活垃圾无害化处理率分别达到90%、100%和100%以上。Regional environmental noise and road traffic noise control were 60 decibels and 70 decibels within; industrial solid waste disposal utilization, sound medical waste disposal rate and the sound of MSW disposal rate reached 90%, respectively, 100% and 100%.

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