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The first half of the electronics industry revenue break the first two trillion

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August 1, according to a report recently issued by the Ministry of related statistics the first half of the electronic information industry revenues surpassed 2 billion mark, which, communications equipment manufacturing more prominent, and an income increase.

  信产部统计显示,07年年上半年中国电子信息产业收入达2.18万亿元,同比增长18.2%。Ministry statistics show that the first half of 07 year electronic information industry reached 2.18 trillion yuan, year-on-year growth of 18.2%. 其中制造业收入为1.92万亿元,同比增长17.6%;软件业收入为2601亿元,同比增长23%。Manufacturing revenue of 1.92 trillion yuan, up 17.6%; Software industry revenues of 260.1 billion yuan. year-on-year growth of 23%.

  其中,通信设备制造业3401亿元,比去年同期增长27.5%,属于电子信息产业增长最快的领域之一。Among them, communications equipment manufacturing 340.1 billion yuan over last year, the growth of 27.5% electronic information industry is the fastest growing area. 具体来说,移动通信基站设备收入同比增长60.7%;移动通信手持机(GSM CDMA)同比增长28.8%,不过,程控交换机收入同比下降9.3%;电话机也同比下降8.4%。Specifically, the mobile communication base station equipment revenues grew 60.7%; handheld Mobile Communication (GSM CDMA) up 28.8%, but program - controlled switch revenue was down 9.3%; gateway also down 8.4%.

  信产部经济体制改革与经济运行司负责人预计,今年下半年,与北京奥运会相关的建设进入关键阶段,新一代移动通信系统建设即将启动,数字电视转播也将逐步推广,各地引进的大型元器件项目相继投产,电子信息产业将规模将出现新一轮扩张。The Ministry of Economic System Reform and Economic Operation Division is responsible for the people predict that the second half of this year. with the Beijing Olympics-related construction has entered a crucial stage, a new generation of mobile communication system construction is about to begin, digital television will be extended gradually, throughout large parts of the introduction of the project put into production, electronic information industry will scale to a new expansion.

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