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Sharp 3.2 billion US dollars global launch of the first-generation LCD line 10

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Hailed as "the father of LCD," the Japanese firm Sharp has announced invested 380 billion yen (about 3.2 billion US dollars) to build the whole the first ball of the 10th generation LCD production line. 去年,因扩产过快导致液晶面板行业整体亏损,夏普打破业界沉默的举动究竟是利是弊?Last year, the rapid expansion caused by the LCD industry overall losses, the industry break the silence Sharp's move is beneficial or harmful?  

新生产线创下业界之最 The new production line was the highest in the industry

夏普总裁片山干雄日前宣布,这项前期投入3800亿日元巨资项目将于2007年11月开始建设,预计2010年3月投入量产,月投片量3.6万片,最大月产能规划可扩充至7.2万片。Sharp president-stem-Hill announced this initial 380 billion yen invested heavily project will be in November 2007 construction start, expected in March 2010 with volume production, on volume of 10.07 36000, largest Capacity planning to expand to 72,000. 据悉,该条液晶面板线创下了业界之最,生产面板尺寸为2850mm×3050mm,可切割6片60英寸或8片50英寸或15片40英寸级液晶电视用面板。It is learned that the LCD line which set the highest in the industry, production panel size of 2,460 mm × kind. can be cut six 60-inch or eight 50-inch or 15 40-inch LCD TV panels.  

目前,夏普、三星、LG-飞利浦等的八代液晶生产线生产的一块面板只能切割8片40英寸面板。Currently, Sharp, Samsung, LG-Philips LCD behalf of the eight in production of a panel cutting only eight 40-inch panels. 由于夏普液晶面板主要供应自身的液晶电视需求,大尺寸优势能让夏普在大尺寸液晶电视领域具备价格优势。As Sharp LCD main supply their own LCD TV demand Large allow Sharp advantage in large-size LCD TVs with a price advantage.  

大举扩产引发业界质疑 Industry triggered massive expansion questioned

目前,各大面板厂商均放慢扩产脚步,在此之前,只有索尼和三星合资建造的八代线计划在今年8月投产。Currently, major panel makers were slow pace of expansion, Prior to this, Only Sony and Samsung joint venture construction of the eight-generation line in operation in August this year. 某台湾省液晶面板厂商的人士称,现阶段40英寸以下液晶电视面板价格快速滑落、50英寸以上又有等离子电视顽强固守,夏普32亿美元打造的十代线风险较大。A Taiwan LCD panel makers said, at this stage, a 40-inch LCD TV panels following a rapid decline in prices. 50-inch plasma TV has tenaciously defended Sharp 3.2 billion US dollars to build the 10-generation line at greater risk.  

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