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Digital TV chip market to double in 2011 to

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DTV next few years, on surging sales of semiconductor suppliers will create tremendous business opportunities. iSuppli公司预测,2006-2011年该领域中的芯片销售额将增长一倍。ISuppli forecasts for 2006-2007-2011 in the field of chip sales will be doubled.

2011年全球DTV半导体市场销售额将从2006年的71亿美元上升到142亿美元。In 2011 global sales of DTV semiconductor market in 2006 will be 7.1 billion dollars, up 14.2 billion US dollars. 总体半导体销售额中包括DTV音频/视频板上的芯片,以及其它类型电视中的芯片,包括输入/输出电路、驱动器、音频与电源。Overall semiconductor sales DTV including audio / video chip board, television and other types of chips, including input / output circuits, hard drives, audio and power. 它还包括电压调节器、LCD驱动器、背光变极器、等离子面板(PDP)驱动器,以及用于背投电视(RPTV)的数字光处理(DLP)、LCD和硅基液晶(LcoS)芯片It also includes a voltage regulator, LCD driver, pole-changing backlight, plasma panels (PDP) drives, and for the rear projection TV (RPTV), digital light processing (DLP), LCD and liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) chip

下图所示为iSuppli公司对2006-2011年全球DTV半导体销售额的预测。The figure below iSuppli right 2006-2011 DTV Global semiconductor sales forecast.

图:2006-2011年全球DTV半导体销售额预测(以百万美元计)Map : proposed - 2011 DTV Global semiconductor sales projections (in millions of dollars)

DTV芯片市场与数字电视市场本身并驾齐驱。DTV chip market and the digital TV market itself to keep pace. 2011年全球DTV出货量将达到2.3亿台,几乎是2006年的三倍。In 2011 the global DTV shipments will reach 2.3 million units, almost three times in 2006. 去年出货量是7740万台。Last year, shipments of 77.4 million units.

有许多因素在推动该市场迅猛增长There are many factors contributing to the rapid market growth

除了消费者对平板电视青眼有加以外,还有许多国家的政府要求电视产业从模拟向数字转化,而平板电视天生就是数字式的。In addition to flat-screen TVs consumers Green eyes increase, there are many governments to require the television industry from analog to digital conversion, and the flat-panel TV is born of the digital. 这个潮流始于美国。This trend began in the United States. 美国将在2009年2月17日停止模拟电视广播。The United States will be on February 17, 2009 to stop analog broadcasting. 欧洲、日本、韩国和其它国家也都计划在一定时候停播模拟信号,向数字电视过渡。Europe, Japan, South Korea and other countries also plan at some point stopped analog signal to digital television transition. 多数国家将在2015年以前完全转向数字电视。Most countries in 2015 before a complete shift to digital TV.

诱人的外形尺寸一直是刺激消费者对DTV兴趣的一个因素,而价格大幅下降对消费者的吸引力更大。Tempting dimensions has been to stimulate consumer interest in a DTV, prices fell sharply on consumers greater attraction. DTV的两大主要部件——玻璃和半导体,价格都在快速下降。DTV two main components -- the glass and semiconductor prices are declining rapidly. 预计玻璃价格将继续走低,尤其是40英寸以及更大尺寸的LCD面板。Glass is expected to continue to lower prices, especially of 40-inch and larger LCD panels. 这是因为厂商新建的新一代工厂不断扩大产量。This is because the manufacturers of a new generation of new factories expanding production. 这些工厂可以更经济地生产大型面板。These factories can be more economical to produce large panels.

在过去两年里,LCD面板价格每年降幅越过35%。In the past two years, the LCD panel prices drop across the annual 35%. 未来几年降幅将不会如此巨大,但平板DTV的价格已经降到了许多消费者可以承受的水平。The next few years will not drop so much, but flat-panel DTV prices have dropped many consumers can bear. 推动半导体价格下降的因素是芯片集成度提高,以及产量快速提高所带来的规模经济。To promote the semiconductor prices have fallen factor is the increasing chip integration, and the rapid increase in production brought about by economies of scale.

与人们所熟悉的传统模拟内容相比,数字内容的图像质量明显提高。People familiar with the content than traditional analog, digital content, image quality has improved significantly. 高清(HD)内容,以及HDMI等数字接口已经可以从许多来源得到,包括有线及卫星。High-definition (HD) content, as well as HDMI digital interface can be from many sources, including cable and satellite. 随着HD-DVD和BluRay等下一代DVD格式的推出,这些内容也开始通过光学存储介质提供。With HD-DVD and BluRay and other next-generation DVD format launched these elements have started to provide optical storage media.

摄像机、部分新型数码相机、游戏机甚至个人媒体播放器,也开始支持HD分辨率。Cameras, some new digital cameras, game consoles and even personal media players, have also begun to support HD resolution.

2011年下一代DVD播放器市场将越过3700万台,而2006年只有10万台。2011 DVD player market will be over 37 million units, while in 2006 only 10 million units. 摄像机正在迅速全面高清化,而数码相机也在向高清方向前进,尽管其高清化的速度不如摄像机迅速。Camera is a full and speedy high-definition, digital cameras and also to the high-definition direction, despite its high-speed as the camera quickly.

所有这些因素正在DTV和DTV芯片市场造成滚雪球效应,使其在可预见的未来成为最有前途的消费电子市场领域。All these factors are DTV and DTV chip market caused a snowball effect. so for the foreseeable future as the most promising areas of the consumer electronics market. 对于半导体供应商来说,未来几年将是DTV市场的销售额和机会快速增长的时期。For semiconductor suppliers for the next few years will be DTV market sales opportunities and rapid growth period.

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