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China encourages enterprises going out faster pace

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     2007年9月8日,赞比亚中国经济贸易合作区不失时机地在厦门举行的第11届投洽会上做推广工作。 On September 8, 2007, Zambia and China economic and trade cooperation in a timely manner in Xiamen at the 11th CIFIT has done promotional work. 该合作区的运营方——中国有色矿业集团有限公司的总经理罗涛表示:“合作区是中国在非洲建立的第一个经济贸易合作区,是中非经贸合作迈向新水平的一个标志,也是中国商务部‘境外经济贸易合作区’计划的重点项目之一。在未来5年内,合作区将引进60余家企业,吸引投资超过8亿美元,一次性带动国内设备和原材料出口4亿美元,并将引进机械、轻工、建材、家电、服装、制药、食品等行业。它承载着有色集团联合中国企业共同“走出去”的梦想。”    The cooperation in the carriers - China Nonferrous Mining Group Limited, the general manager Luo Tao said: "Regional cooperation is the first in Africa to establish an economic and trade cooperation, China-Africa economic and trade cooperation to a new level of a symbol of China's Ministry of Commerce 'foreign trade and economic cooperation zones' of one of the key projects is zoned. in the next five years, the zone will introduce more than 60 enterprises, attracting investment over 800 million US dollars, one-time boosting domestic equipment and raw materials exports 400 million US dollars, and the introduction of machinery, light industry, building materials, electronics, clothing, pharmaceuticals, food industry . it colored carrying the Joint Group of common Chinese enterprises "going out" dream. "

     这种以化零为整的规模发展方式,为我国企业“走出去”提供了便于融入投资地市场和社会的解决方案,显然受到相当的肯定。 This is for the whole of the scale of development, China's enterprises to "go abroad" to provide easy integration into the investment market and social solutions, certainly appears to have been considerable. 商务部副部长魏建国9月8日在厦门“立足香港迈向国际”论坛上透露说,根据国务院的指示,在已有的8个境外经贸合作区的基础上,近期还可能推出十几个新的境外经贸合作区。 Vice Minister of Commerce Wei Jianguo on September 8 in Xiamen, "based on Hong Kong into the international" forum said, according to the instructions of the State Council, has been in the eight foreign trade and economic cooperation on the basis of the recently introduced 10 may also several new foreign trade and economic cooperation zones. 从第11届投洽会传出的消息来看,我国鼓励企业走出去的政策步伐,正在提速。 From the 11th news about the CIFIT, China encourages enterprises going out of the pace of policy, is accelerate.   

     魏建国在论坛上首先肯定了我国企业“走出去”的成绩。 Wei Jianguo at the forum affirmed the first Chinese enterprises "going out" results. 截至2006年底,经国家批准设立的境外非金融类企业达1万多家,非金融类对外直接投资累计净额733亿美元,遍及160多个国家和地区。 As of the end of 2006, the state approved the establishment of the offshore non-financial enterprises amounted to more than 10,000, non-financial direct investment abroad cumulative net 73.3 billion US dollars, covering over 160 countries and regions. 中国对外投资的领域不断拓宽,已由初期的进出口贸易、航运和餐饮为主,拓展到加工制造、资源利用、工程承包、农业合作和研究开发等国家鼓励的重点领域。 China's foreign investment continuously expanding, from the initial import and export trade, shipping and catering mainly to the expansion of manufacturing, resource utilization, project contracting, agricultural cooperation and research and development to encourage countries such as areas of focus. 对外投资形式也逐步发展到境外上市、股权置换、跨国并购等国际通行的跨国投资方式。 Foreign investment also form the progressive development of the offshore market, stock exchange, transnational mergers and acquisitions, international practices of transnational investment.   

     另一方面,中国对外投资从初期以国有外贸专业公司和工贸公司为主体,转变为目前以各种所有制的优势企业为主体。 On the other hand, China's outward investment from the early to professional companies and state-owned foreign trade companies as the mainstay of Trade and Industry, various changes to the current ownership of enterprises as the main body. 经营主体的队伍迅速壮大,目前从事跨国投资与经营的各类企业已发展到3万多家,其中一些大型企业已具备了跨国公司的雏形。 The main business of rapidly growing, currently engaged in transnational investment and operation of all types of enterprises has grown to more than 30,000, of which some large enterprises have had the embryonic form of transnational corporations.   

     魏建国介绍,下一阶段,商务部将进一步扩大对外投资规模,加快建立对外投资的管理服务体系,完善相应的年检制度和统计制度,着力提高企业对外投资的规模和水平。 Wei Jianguo, the next stage, the Ministry of Commerce will further expand the scale of foreign investment, accelerate the establishment of foreign investment management services system, improve the inspection system and the corresponding statistical system, foreign investment enterprises to concentrate on improving the scale and level.   

     同时,继续保持已有各项对外投资优惠政策的连续性和稳定性,并进一步提高优惠程度、扩大优惠范围,为国际贸易和国际直接投资的便利化创造条件。 At the same time, continue to maintain the foreign investment preferential policies has been the continuity and stability, and further improve the preferential level, and expand the scope of concessions for international trade and direct international investment facilitation of the creation of conditions.   

     在继续鼓励境外资源开发和境外加工贸易、投资办厂的同时,积极探索跨国并购等投资方式,获得国际知名品牌、先进管理经验和营销网络,逐步形成自己的跨国公司;在投资领域上,推动优势企业从事贸易分销、电讯信息、物流航运和中介服务等,培育服务出口的新增长点。 Continue to encourage overseas resource development and overseas processing trade, investment and set up factories in the same time, actively explore transnational mergers and acquisitions, investment, access to world-renowned brands, advanced management experience and marketing network, gradually formed its own transnational corporations; In the area of investment, promotion of enterprises engaged in trade distributors telecommunications information, shipping logistics and intermediary services, and foster the export of services to the new growth point.   

     中国人民银行行长周小川在9月8日第十一届中国国际投资贸易洽谈会“2007国际投资论坛”上表示,我国金融要对限制企业“走出去”的条条框框松绑,以适应实施“走出去”战略的新形势。 Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of People's Bank of China on September 8 in the 11th China International Fair for Investment and Trade, "2007 International Investment Forum", said China's financial restrictions on enterprises to "go out" outside the box restrictions to adapt to the implementation of the "going out" strategy in the new situation.   

     周小川表示,人民银行将为企业“走出去”进一步发挥金融市场的作用。 Zhou Xiaochuan, the People's Bank will enterprises to "go abroad" to further play the role of financial markets. 积极发展外汇市场,加快市场产品开发,方便“走出去”企业规避汇率、利率等风险。 Positive developments in the foreign exchange market, accelerate market product development, facilitate the "going out" enterprises avoid exchange rate, interest rate and other risks. 2006年人民银行推出了人民币对外币掉期交易,扩大了远期和掉期结 In 2006 the bank launched the yuan for foreign currency swap transactions, and expanded its long-term swap node
Specify the scope of business, a rapidly expanding scale of the market, in 2007 the foreign exchange market transactions in the first half of 2005 over the same period increased by 4.5 times. 今后,为支持中国企业“走出去”,将进一步加快外汇市场发展,增加外汇市场产品,为产品创新创造更加宽松的政策环境。 Next, in order to support Chinese enterprises "going out" and will further accelerate the development of the foreign exchange market, increase the foreign exchange market products for product innovation to create a more relaxed policy environment. 另外,人民银行还将在金融政策方面给予支持,继续深化外汇管理体制改革,取消不必要的管制,简化手续,为企业“走出去”提供外汇便利;努力提高金融服务水平,支持符合条件的企业“走出去”,鼓励有条件的商业银行设立和发展境外机构,包括探索采取并购方式参股境外商业银行,为“走出去”企业提供便利的金融服务等;充分利用区域性金融平台,积极鼓励企业参与国际经济合作。 In addition, the People's Bank of the financial policy to support and continue to deepen the foreign exchange management system, abolish unnecessary regulations and the simplification of procedures for enterprises to "go abroad" to provide exchange facilities; Efforts to raise the level of financial services and support qualified enterprises to "go abroad" to encourage qualified commercial banks and overseas development agencies, including exploring ways to share acquisition outside commercial banks, "going out" to facilitate business and financial services; full use of regional financial platform to encourage enterprises to participate in international economic cooperation. 人民银行将进一步拓展金融市场广度和深度,改变“宽进严出”的外汇管理政策,提供更大的金融服务便利,为企业“走出去”提供强有力的金融支持。 The People's Bank will further expand the depth and breadth of financial markets, change, "Jin Yan-out" foreign exchange management policy, provide greater convenience financial services to enterprises to "go abroad" to provide strong financial backing.

     中国香港特区政府财政司司长曾俊华表示,现在是内地企业向国际扩展的理想时机。 Hong Kong, China, the SAR government Financial Secretary, Mr Tsang said, mainland enterprises now is the ideal time for the international expansion. 香港投资推广署署长卢维思说:“目前,逾60家来自福建的企业已成功通过香港融资、建立国际营销网络、提升管理技术,以及在市场经济发展完善的国际大都会环境中,测试产品及服务。”罗涛认为,随着资源的全球化配置、随着我国经济的迅猛发展、随着中国企业自身的成长和成熟,我国国内企业完全具备了融入国际市场的实力和条件。 Director of Investment Promotion at Invest Hong Kong, Mr Mike Rowse, said: "At present, more than 60 enterprises from Fujian Province, Hong Kong has successfully passed the financing, the establishment of an international marketing network, upgrade management skills, and the development of a market economy in the cosmopolitan environment, test products and services." Luo Tao, With the globalization of resources allocation, with the rapid development of China's economy, Chinese enterprises with their own growth and maturity of China's domestic enterprises with a fully integrated into the international market strength and conditions.

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